Jun. 9th, 2010

aethwolf: (Sass that hoopy frood?)
I picked up a second NES controller from G2K Games since I have no idea where my NES controllers have wandered off to over the years (aside from one, that is). After having excitedly testing Batman: The Video Game and Legend of Zelda (also purchased on the trip), I plugged in the newly obtained controller...and it failed to work. After cleaning it and it still failing to function, I did a bit of googling and discovered that the rubber pads and such sometimes wear out and fail to function. In an effort to test this, I swapped the PCB with the one from my working controller. I fired up the NES with the "new" PCB in the "old" controller, and it worked! I then tested the other controller, and it worked! I have no bloody clue why or how that worked. Had my NES not decided to be all "Fuck you!" and fuck up on me, I'd have probably roped someone into staying up all night and playing the fuck outta SMB3 with me.

With work having been all assy lately, I've decided a break would be nice, so I'm off to AC this year. Just need to find some crash space for Friday night.


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