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Tonight, I was reminded why I hate working with Debbie (one of the managers)...she's completely anal about having everything clean.  I spent a half-hour or so cleaning the meat warmer thing.  Not the inside portion, but the outer surfaces and the table it's connected to.  The thing wasn't even that bloody dirty, either.  I had to clean the under-side of the bloody table.

The one time I did close with her, she spent a half-hour to 45 minutes scrubbing around the wheels on the grills, deep fryers, etc.

Curiously, she mentioned that she was closing tomorrow (and the day after, I think)...I'm not coming in if I get asked.

Someone IM me tomorrow around 2100 (GMT-500) and tell me to get over to the QueenZone forums and whore off all the bootlegs stored on RapidShare.
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My hours this week suck, but at least I've been asked to come in 2 hours early today.
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Well, I ended up only working until midnight tonight.  In addition to that, we were absolutely dead from 11:30 on, so I got to sit around until I left.  I also made off with a 10 piece McNugget, a McChicken, and a 3 piece Chicken Selects.  I only grabbed the selects because my brother would just be all bitchy about me bringing stuff home and not giving him any.

I probably should've grabbed a Chicken McGrill or a Double Quarter Pounder.
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All night, people ordered double cheeseburgers.  A bunch of orders of them, when properly spaced, is rather interesting.  It's quite interesting when most of the orders in a night have something in common.  When people come in and order 6 double cheeseburgers, followed by an order for 2, and then followed by an order for 12 is some sort of mass sadism.

At least Mondays are generally quiet after about 7pm.  After that, I'm off until Friday, but my mom's car won't start, so she's borrowing mine.

Oh yeah, there was a mouse located back near the freezer. Christy, the manager tonight, freaked out. Eventually, the bugger showed his head while the back door was open. He was moving towards the door, but I snuck past him and scared him on out. Christy jumped when I kicked the big tub-thing we use to take out the trash to scare the bugger out the door.
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Who the Hell goes to McDonalds 5 minutes before close and orders 5 double cheeseburgers?  Luckily, we had 9 patties, but we threw down 4, anyway.  The only order to come close to the 5 double cheeseburgers 5 minutes before close was earlier this/last week when someone ordered 16 double cheeseburgers at 10:30.

Much food was consumed.  Closing's tasty.  Yesterday, I made myself a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, leaf lettuce, and bacon.  Tonight, I made myself a McChicken with shredded lettuce and ranch dressing and a Chicken McGrill with shredded lettuce and ranch dressing and ate a piece of Crispy Chicken.

Our unofficial break right after the place closed ended up being almost an hour tonight.  We sat around until 12:30-ish, and then some guy was running from the cops and ended up getting trapped in our parking lot.  There were 4 or 5 cop cars following him.  I believe the cops pulled a gun out of his car while they were searching it.  I suppose it's a good thing that when the guy initially pulled into the lot I moved back towards the counter and away from the windows.  We didn't get back to work until 12:45-ish.

We ended up getting out of there around 2:25.
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Eh, work was kinda busy and the manager was frustrated all night.  We still managed to get out at 1:40am.  I then made a Wal-Mart run at 2am to quest for shoes.  They were obtained and will hopefully do better than my $10 shoes.

Tomorrow, a flea market and then work.
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Tonight kinda sucked at work.  The one manager that's real strict about things closed, so we had to go through and actually check behind everything and clean it.  I also work tomorrow from 3 to 11.  Sure, it's more hours, but I've been waiting to get off my paws since Friday.
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(No, you furverts, I'm not catering to your sick footpaw fetish; I need to get new shoes.)  Work sucked tonight.  It was busy all night, and, about 45 minutes before close, one of the managers slipped and injured her leg.  So, we limped on and started closing and such, but we were so behind we didn't get to start cleaning up and stuff until about midnight, when the place closes.  We got out at 2:06am because of that.  Oh well, I ended up snagging a Double Quarter Pounder (no cheese, as I didn't feel like questing for it), a McNugget, and a couple of those Chicken Selects.

It seems that Stalking Cat has made this week's News of the Weird (the middle of the page).
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My schedule for next week is:
Sunday: 5-close
Friday: 4-close
Saturday: 4-close.

That's only 27 hours.  Though, I do absolutely hate working 4-close.
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Eh, work was okay.  Snagged 10 McNuggets, a drink or two, and 4 apple pies for free.  I could've snagged a Big Mac and a bunch of cherry pies, too.  I had "Reise, Reise" stuck in my head the whole time.

About a week until I get paid again, but I have to use it for my car insurance, the 'Net bill, and then putting gas in my car.  Hopefully, nothing will come up between now and the check after this upcoming one that will have it spent before I get it.

What the Hell? I just heard a random beep. It sounded like it came from my cell phone, but it's off and doesn't have service at the moment.
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Tonight was...odd.  We were busy from 8-ish to 11:30 (the place closes at midnight or a few minutes before), probably because of the Carter County Car Club's Saturday night cruise-in (I really wish they'd boot out all the losers that don't have classic cars (or at least prevent them from taking up valuable space at the cruise-in with their cars)).  We didn't get to start cleaning the grill until around 11:30 (about a half-hour later than usual), but we still got out 10 minutes earlier than last night.

Oh yeah, I avoided getting "condensed" grease (grease from under the Teflon guard-thingy that's been there all day and turned into more of a syrup) from my paw all the way to just above my elbow.
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You know...hours on a computer won't bother my wrists, but using that spray bottle to clean part of the grill at McDonalds did bother them...well, my right one, anyway.


Jun. 4th, 2005 01:57 am
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Closing wouldn't be all that bad if I went in around 8pm.  I went in at 5pm and didn't clock out until 1:17am.  I actually like closing far more than cooking those damn burgers.  People apparently don't want variety.  All they want are the damn burgers that use those little patties.  I must've cooked at least 100 of the little buggers.  Compare that to the dozen or so quarter pound patties I grilled.  Or the 3 grilled chicken patties.  Last Friday, the people came in in bursts, spaced out far enough that we could get caught up between bursts.  Tonight was almost a constant stream of customers.  Occasionally, there would be a lapse, I'd get caught up on the grill and start to relax, when all of the sudden, it'd be, "We're down a tray of regulars," followed 5 seconds later by, "We're down another tray of regulars."  Sure, it only takes around a minute to cook and remove a full tray of regulars from the grill, but I really don't wanna do that for 10-15 minutes straight.

On a related note, someone remind me every two weeks, starting today, to buy myself a new computer chair and mattress.  My back's sore from the combination of my current mattress, computer chair, and staying on my feet for the better part of 8 hours.
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You know, the other employees at McDonalds are, well, lazy at best and jackasses at worst.  The place was alternating between periods of no activity and being swamped.  Well, I was training on the assembly table, the place got swamped, and I was the only one working table.  The ones that should've been on table were sitting in back talking.  They were bitched at.

Oh well, tomorrow, it's my grandmother's family reunion in the morning/early afternoon, the car show in the evening, and then Johnson City afterwards.
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Training was a bit more amusing tonight.  I was either working the grill, cleaning, or watching someone clean so I could learn how.  It was a pretty slow night, too.
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My first night of training at McDonalds was rather boring.  It was mostly computer-based training.  I did cook some burgers.  No flipping here, they've improved the process to cooking both sides of the patty at the same time.  I did get to leave about a half-hour early, as the place got busy and they couldn't spare someone to train me.
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Went in and did the orientation thing for McDonalds.  It was basically just the manager going over the rules and then having me watch some lame video where Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, and that purple guy (I forgot his name) teach the employees what makes a great McDonalds (courteous employees, clean restaurant, etc.).

What are some good Playstation 1 games?  I've already got Resident Evil 3, Chrono-Trigger, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (Note: I don't like the Final Fantasy games.)
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Well...I got the job.
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I have an interview at McDonalds tomorrow.  It's a means of obtaining money,anway.

I'm going to format and reinstall everything on my system tonight.

The format and WinXP reinstall is complete. I'm finishing up major software installation right now.


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