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I'm gonna start uploading more tracks from my bootleg collection on Thursdays.

Queen - Tie Your Mother Down - We are the Champions Video Shoot
The first song in the impromptu concert the band played to thank the fans for showing up for the video shoot.

Queen - Flash Gordon Medley - Tokyo '81
From the very short (Japan only) Flash Gordon tour, Vultan's Theme, Battle Theme, Flash's Theme, and The Hero.

1984 - Purple Haze - Thames TV Studio (1967)
Brian May's band, 1984, from the year 1967. It's really the only interesting track from that bootleg, not to mention the oldest known recording of a Queen member.

Brian May / Roger Taylor - God Save the Queen - Party at the Palace
Brian May performing God Save the Queen on top of Buckingham Palace with Roger Taylor on drums (though not on top of the palace, unfortunately)...what's not cool about that?

Queen - Big Spender / Bama Lama Bama Loo - Golders Green '73
A rather popular bootleg, seeing as it was broadcast by the BBC and is always found in really good quality, plus it's Big Spender, a bit of a rarity.

Brian May - Driven By You - VH1 '98
Another track from the VH1 Another World special.

AC/DC - Rockin' in the Parlor - Rare, Rarer, Rarities
This is a track released as a single with the band's original lead singer, Dave Evans.

What would you guys like to see next? More from the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert? The rest of the WatC video shoot? Perhaps some more from Tokyo '81? More Brian May?

By request:
Queen - A Kind of Magic - Knebworth '86
The last time Queen performed the song live. (I apologize for the lack of bass in that one, but I think there's only the one bootleg of the show as well as some of the tracks on Live Magic being from that show)

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever - Berlin '86
From the Immigrant Magic bootleg.
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Queen+Tony Vincent - Bohemian Rhapsody - Party at the Palace
That's Bohemian Rhapsody performed entirely live by the London cast of We Will Rock You with Brian May and Roger Taylor on guitar and drums.

Extreme - Queen Medley - Thank You Freddie!
That's virtually all of Extreme's set from the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert...which isn't found on the DVD. Everything before the Queen+ show is missing from the DVD (Robert Plant's Innuendo/Kashmir fusion is left out, too (it's right before Thank You/Crazy Little Thing Called Love)).

Queen - Spread Your Wings - BBC '77
This version would be superior to the album version if it only had better sound quality.

Queen - One Vision - Stockholm '86
From the aptly named "Beginning of the End" bootleg, that's the first song from the first show of the AKoM tour, which was Queen's last tour.

Queen - We are the Champions - Knebworth '86
The last song from the last Queen concert ever (well, God Save the Queen was played over the speakers after this, but it's only a tape).

Queen - Houston '77
This is one of the more famous Queen shows, as it's a soundboard recording from the News of the World tour, which is quite possibly their best.

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long (Unplugged)
This version comes from...New York or France...I forget which. Quite interesting to hear it played acoustic.
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Uploading whole shows is too damn slow here at ETSU (it's not going any faster than at home, actually). So, I'm just gonna upload some of the better/rarer tracks.

I apologize in advance for Rapidshare sucking so much for downloading alot of data at a time.

Queen+Paul Rodgers - I Want It All - Brixton '05
Brian took over vocals for "I Want It All" for this show (as well as a few other songs and shows), and this is also from the first show on their 2005 tour.

Brian May Band - Sleeping on the Sidewalk - Groningen '98
Queen only performed this song live twice, and Brian only performed it maybe a half dozen times at his solo shows.

Queen - Immigrant Song - Berlin '86
It's only about a minute long and not all that great...but it is a one of a kind cover (some say Robert Plant got back at them by messing up "Innuendo" at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert).

Queen - We Will Rock You - BBC '77
This is a meld of the slow and fast versions.

Brian May - Tie Your Mother Down - VH1
This was part of a special to promote Another World shown on VH1. Brian did mostly acoustic versions of his songs. Some call this version the definitive version of the song.

Unfortunately, that's all that I have time to upload. If I stay for a bit at RJ's work tonight, I might upload more (probably a song or two from Knebworth '86 (Queen's last concert), something from Houston '77, and maybe some more BBC tracks).


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