Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:21 am
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Still alive, just dormant on longer form blogging. I did get to see the eclipse, but I wasn't in the totality area, so it didn't get super dark, but I did get to see it.

Been dicking with Quake 3 today.

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I mean, yeah, I mostly just lurk anymore even if I don't post much, but I think it's time to finally cut it entirely. It's not like much happens anyway (aside from my little stint with a girlfriend who ended up being a liar and cheater)

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Sep. 18th, 2010 01:01 am
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As I utterly fail at several NES games:
Watch live streaming video from wolfgaming at livestream.com

Actual live stuff at WolfGaming whenever I bother to stream.

Star Wars

Sep. 10th, 2010 11:39 pm
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I think that one is finished. It's way better looking than I thought it'd end up. My next one is gonna be a bit longer, and I'm gonna try to avoid the sink drain plug thing for the emitter. I also need to get some jedi robes at some point.
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And the crowning moment of win from this year's Dragon*Con was this: http://twitpic.com/2l88kg

I got Brent Spiner's autograph. The only thing that could've made that more awesome would've been for me to have nabbed Levar Burton's as well, but he wasn't at his table any of the times I checked. Adam Savage's Q&A was just as awesome as last year's. The whole con seemed more alive than last year, and I think the better weather was part of the cause. I really wish I could've been there the entire weekend this year. There was so much life left in the con for the night when I left.
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APF TV Fun + box + manual

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for geeky documentaries along the lines of Trekkies 1&2, Fans & Freaks, Otaku Unite!, Darkon, etc.?


Aug. 27th, 2010 10:57 pm
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Dragon*ConTV warns that younger attendees may not like public yiffing.

Gah, one week to go. I need either a TARDIS or a DeLorean to get all my preparations in now.
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Wednesday or Thursday, I mentioned to a coworker that Contra and Castlevania were two glaring omissions in my NES game library. While in G2k Games Friday, I found both of them.

Saturday, I was at the cruise-in and prowling around the various shops on that street and eagerly made my way to TV Memories. While in there, I noticed a large box with $35 written on it. After inspecting the contents, I handed over the gold coins to the shopkeep and purchased the box.

The contents:

Intellivision, Intellivoice, 25 Intellivision games (29 boxes with a few duplicates and one empty one (that was a duplicate anyway)), and the roller controller for a Colecovision. The guy he bought it from said it worked, but he hadn't tested it, so he was letting it all go for cheap. I ran all the way home and plugged it up, having to use the converter box thing for my Atari 2600 to hook it up to the TV. Several minutes later, I had it running. As far as I can tell, the cartridges all need considerable cleaning, which is gonna take time. With my NES game buying, I usually don't get more than 4 or 5 at a time, so cleaning isn't a hassle, but nearly 30 games is almost overwhelming. I may bribe my cousins into doing the cleaning for me, actually. The guy also had a 6 switch Atari 2600, but I had to leave it in favor of getting the Intellivision, as I have a 4 switch 2600 already, but that doesn't mean I won't be back in there Thursday seeing if he still has the Atari.

Friday night, I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and it rocked. It's the best movie I've seen this year (disclaimer: I have yet to see Inception). I haven't read the comic, so I don't know how well it stuck to canon, but, yes, it's a fun ride, and I'll probably be picking up the comic at some point.


Jul. 21st, 2010 03:27 am
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Managed to score 4 days in a row off at work, Saturday is Robcon (local convention held in the Bristol mall), and I get to attempt to earn man points sometime between now and Saturday morning by attempting to change the spark plugs in the Taurus.


Jul. 9th, 2010 01:06 am
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So, the Empire Strikes Back Vintage collection from Hasbro apparently dropped this month instead of August. I freakin' love the retro packaging, and the mail away is pretty sweet. When I get another of the Luke in Bespin fatigues, I'm gonna do a photo comparison of the new one and the original 1980 Kenner one. The only thing I dislike about them so far is that they're priced at $9.99 instead of $7.49.

Star Wars
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My podcast about the history of geekery. In this episode, we listen to me ramble on while hoping Audacity doesn't shit out on me.

http://podcast.aethwolf.net/?p=6 (I tend to swear, so it may be NSFW)
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While at Toys 'R' Us today, I discovered that the newest wave of Star Wars figures is out. The new dark packaging is far more interesting than the previous wave's mostly white look. The figures themselves seem to be of the same sculpt and build quality as the previous ones. The new bonus thing is a card game thing where the figures are used to battle. I'm not too excited about that, but I am excited that each figure includes a base for use in that game. I'm not entirely fond of the design of the bases, but I'll take a free stand. All you have to do is leave out the card thing and they make a pretty decent stand. I'm not sure why they included 2 pegs on each one. I haven't tried them out on my older figures (they're already on bases from Entertainment Earth), but, of the 3 new ones I have, only 1 of them has a wide enough stance to utilize both pegs at once, General Grievous. Like the previous waves of Saga Legends figures, these include a bundle of "secret weapons". They've changed them up and seem to be semi-customizing these weapons based on the character within, but I still find this frustrating. I have enough spare weapons to arm the entire Imperial Army. Just give me the base as the extra. I'll even take the card game thing. Just stop giving me a dozen guns for every figure (the previous wave even included them with R2!).

Blah, another month until the vintage collection starts, which will see me keeping more of them in the packaging. I'm looking forward to the mail-in offer, too. Retro-Kenner-style Boba Fett with a rocket that actually launches, which was originally promised back in the '70s/'80s, but it never materialized, just the standard Fett. I'm also looking forward to the giant-ass AT-AT they'll be debuting. I want several of them so I can re-enact the Battle of Hoth on snowy days.

I also picked up Black Lantern and White Lantern pins to stick on my messenger bag and may move the other DC pins I have from my jacket to the bag until cooler weather rolls around.
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Okay, so, now that I have something better than a keypad on a non-smartphone (a dumbphone?), I can actually expand on the previous post.

In the proposed podcast, I'd try to cover the history of fandom as a community. My initial probing shows that it goes back to the 1920s with science fiction fans. Over the course of the show, I'd like to detail things like the first science fiction conventions, the first WorldCon, etc. Along the way, I'd cover as many fandoms as possible and detail their histories. The way I'd mostly likely handle the show is break it down by topic, with each season covering either a fandom or, in the case of larger/older fandoms, like sci-fi or comics, a period of time. I'd like to have interviews on the show eventually. I'd record stuff while at cons, too.
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If I were to research, write, and record a podcast about the history of fandom in general, how many of you would give it a listen?
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I picked up a second NES controller from G2K Games since I have no idea where my NES controllers have wandered off to over the years (aside from one, that is). After having excitedly testing Batman: The Video Game and Legend of Zelda (also purchased on the trip), I plugged in the newly obtained controller...and it failed to work. After cleaning it and it still failing to function, I did a bit of googling and discovered that the rubber pads and such sometimes wear out and fail to function. In an effort to test this, I swapped the PCB with the one from my working controller. I fired up the NES with the "new" PCB in the "old" controller, and it worked! I then tested the other controller, and it worked! I have no bloody clue why or how that worked. Had my NES not decided to be all "Fuck you!" and fuck up on me, I'd have probably roped someone into staying up all night and playing the fuck outta SMB3 with me.

With work having been all assy lately, I've decided a break would be nice, so I'm off to AC this year. Just need to find some crash space for Friday night.
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Meh, mostly about all the dealers. The line to get Billy Dee Williams's autograph was always too long, so I only ended up with Maria de Aragon (Greedo from A New Hope). I'm not entirely sure it was worth the drive down there, but I did pick up a few things. I probably should've attempted to steal the TARDIS (or at least tried to stop this fool from attempting to fix a broken chameleon arch).


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