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All through my shift at work, the other employees call each other fags or gay or some equivalent, and no one says much, unless they want to be a bit childish and say something like, "Jamie called me a fag," to whichever manager is there.  They've yet to accuse me of such, but I'm not gonna take it if it does happen.  I've been called a fag too much to put up with it anymore.  Anyway, one of the employees said something to the effect of "hotter than a nigger in a KFC."  Well, the manager says, "Nigger?  That's kind of harsh."  I almost turned to him and replied, "And 'fag' isn't?"  (This was after close, while we were cleaning up, so no one that could be offended was there.)

Thursday, I was at my grandma's house washing my work clothes, when she starts pestering me about being quiet at work and elsewhere.  Eventually, the questioning/pestering gets to "Aren't there any girls you want to go out with?"  Of course, I replied with a "No."  After that, she asks, "Are there any guys you want to go out with?"  I quickly replied with "No."  She clarified a moment later that she meant go out with guys as in going out with friends. 

My grandma's suspected me of being gay before and blatantly asked me.  That was several years ago before I really admitted it to myself.  I sort of knew at the time that I was/am gay, but I still responded with "I'm not gay."  I also spent the rest of that evening thinking, "Am I gay?"  The answer I kept coming up with, but not accepting, was, "Yes."

That ended up rambling.

Anyway, love ya, [ profile] bloodwolves.  Good luck with your job.
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I was over at my grandmother's house helping her re-arrange the furniture.  She kept asking my brother and I for help in deciding if the furniture looked good here or there and what-not.  My brother eventually brought up the Queer Eye guys and how we needed their help.  I was laughing on the inside and thinking, "Well...I'm not one of the Queer Eye guys...but I am queer."
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The professor for my Intro to Psych class skipped over the gender/sexuality chapter in the text but, while talking about sexual disorders, made a rather positive comment on homosexuality. She talked about how it has roots in the biology, not the mind. She had this to say about homophobia, "If you're against homosexuals, it's you that has the problem, not them. You need to change your thinking."

I thought that rocked.


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