Feb. 13th, 2010

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DC Retro-Action Green Lantern Action Figure

Comes out next month (even though Hal seems to be on eBay already somehow). I'm really interested in the Green Lantern and Sinestro figures. If I can find a good deal on the Superman and Lex Luthor ones, I'll end up picking them up. They're not as cool as if they were original Mego figures from the '70s, but I'll take what I can afford (and the original Mego line lacked a Green Lantern (bastards)).

DC Universe Origins Series 2 Green Lantern Figure 2-pack

Comes out in September. Not too interested in Alan Scott, but you can never have too many Hal Jordans (much like you can never have too many Boba Fetts (I'm up to 4!)).

Looks like there's an adult collector oriented DC Universe Infinite Heroes line/wave out celebrating the 75th anniversary of DC Comics. I'm really disappointed with the Green Lantern figure. Hal's legs are fucked up from the knees down. The knee is some sort of bizarre almost ball-joint thing, and the lower legs have a weird bend to them and the calves look messed up. It may just be a bad run or something, but the ones I looked at in Target and Wal-Mart both had the same flaws. Blah, maybe Toys 'R' Us will get in a new batch or something with normal looking legs.

The Joker, on the other hand, looks pretty good. He looks like he's a combination of the early '90s Joker and his appearances in Batman: The Animated Series (bonus content).

I dunno. I might try getting in on collecting all of them. I just dislike the combination of price, scale, and lack of accessories on them. $7 for a 3.75" figure that just comes with a pin is pretty lame. For $7.50-8, Hasbro will give you a 3.75" figure with at least a gun or two or, in the case of Saga Legends, a dozen guns regardless of the character (R2-D2 totally needs all those weapons).

Speaking of Star Wars, the next Star Wars line due out this year is supposed to take a retro turn. I kind of have a thing for '70s/'80s style packaging, so that should be great, not to mention I still don't have all the major characters represented nor do I have all the variations on them.

Other than that, I'm still kind of holding out hope that Playmates will at least release the remaining bridge and transporter pieces for the ST09 toys.


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